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Listen to the Music is the section of AcaMidwest in which I’ll let you know what I’m listening to each week, both videos on YouTube and songs in my iTunes. I’ll also include reviews of different albums as they come out.

Playing on my iTunes this week: So it has been an admittedly long time since I have done one of these posts. I believe almost a year. This means that there has been a tremendous amount of a cappella added to my iTunes and even more released worldwide. For honesty’s sake, this week I’m still listening to Voices Only Forte II which I picked up last week. I’m working on a post in tandem to this one about the state of a cappella compilations, but I’m a big fan of this one and I think you should probably do yourself a favor and check it out:

What I’m Watching on Youtube: Collegiate a cappella groups have long used Youtube as a way to share their music with the world when they’re not doing arch sings and song grams for Valentine’s Day. Only recently have they started producing music videos, and many of them seem to have a sci-fi type theme. This week’s video comes from The Amateurs of Washington University in St. Louis. Their take on Bruno Mars’ The Other Side takes some quality singing and mashes it up with the ability to shoot phasers from your palm. What’s not to love?



Decided to make a vlog to follow up on a previous post about arranging mashups. That post was my most viewed post of 2012 and highest number of both inbound and internal searches were about 1) arranging and 2) arranging mashups.