I spent the day yesterday at AcappellaFest at University of Chicago. A full day of masterclasses and acabombs (mini-performances) topped off with a Professional Showcase with Sonos and The Edge Effect. Jealous yet?

Across the next couple weeks I’ll be posting a review and multiple posts around tips and topics discussed at the event. I had chances to speak to Charlie Friday and Amanda Aldag about mic technique and purchasing sound equipment, Tom Anderson about arranging, and Matt Caruso about the psychological side of music. Those are just some of the bigger names I picked up tips and tricks from. The other people – amazing people that you just haven’t heard of yet – asked wonderful questions and created remarkable conversations ranging from why we should document everything in contemporary a cappella to why (or why not) to bench your altos for half a song if you don’t have something good for them to seen. Yes, that second one was a very specific conversation.

Here’s the main point:

If you find yourself with an opportunity to go to a major a cappella festival, take it. SingStrong, SoJam, LAAF – to name a few of many amazing festivals being put together by CASA and others this year – provide amazing opportunities to sing, learn, and network.

I’ll put together a longer post on the numerous benefits of these festivals in a later post, but it was on my mind and I thought I’d say hello to my 5 readers (counting my family). More soon, everyone.