Hey Everybody,

First, thank you for reading this blog. Second, thank you for all of the support I’ve already received about the news that I will be starting a new coed a cappella group in Chicago, IL. While I don’t have many specific details about auditions and such just yet, I can assure you I’ll be keeping you all up to date once the information is decided.

As of right now, it looks like auditions will be around the first week of September.

We are still writing a charter, but the intention of this group is to produce quality music and be active in the a cappella sphere. Performances, competitions, showcases, and recording an album (funded by gigs) are all part of the plan.

Stylistically, the group intends to work to push the bounds of the contemporary a cappella genre (wide as that already is) and to perform music from a wide variety of genres from classical to classic rock, punk to pop.

Ok, that’s some information, mostly generic. Point is,

1) We’re going to sing a lot of different stuff.

2) We’re going to sing it well.

3) We’re going to sing it in a lot of different places for hopefully many different people.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, and you live in or around the general Chicago area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me about being a part of this adventure. Comment on this post, DM me on twitter. Once we decide on a name (still accepting ideas), I’ll have an email address for you to send information too, as well as new social media accounts. I like to be on top of my emarketing game, what can I say.

Until then, thanks again for all your support. I truly appreciate it.